How MLKD Creative drove organic growth by reshaping YKK London Showroom's social media strategy & content in just one year


Increase in Stories Impressions


Increase in Overall Impressions


Organic Follower Growth

What was the challenge?

YKK London Showroom, the Shoreditch branch of global zip brand YKK, approached us for a consultation. Their marketing team felt stagnant on social media and wanted to increase brand awareness, drive organic growth, and engage a new demographic of Gen-Z fashion designers.

We carried out a social media audit, noticing a significant gap between the brand's quality and legacy and the content they were posting. We also noticed they were the missing the mark with who they wanted to reach and how they were speaking to their audience.

We tackled their goal for organic growth in two ways: bespoke social media strategy and elevated content creation that reinforced their brand ethos.

What They’re Saying

The strategy sessions helped us think of other ideas and get excited about our Instagram and how we could elevate it! Our following and engagement has grown since implementing the strategies. By combining the strategy sessions and your photography, our Instagram has never looked better. Thank you!

Nicole GenneryCoordinator, YKK London Showroom

What solutions did MLKD Creative provide?


Delivered actionable Social Media Strategy sessions.

Our strategies guided the brand in an elevated direction more in tune with their demographic’s needs. From content and campaign ideas to demographic insights and brand voice development, our strategy showed YKK’s team how to effectively plan and create content in advance. We gave them insight and clarity on their demographic, a brand voice framework, and provided content ideas that would inspire their demographic to feel part of their trusted artistic community.


Created social media content with high impact.

We focused on high-impact content production, helping produce elevated visuals and diversified digital content from creative product images and demo videos to more playful Instagram reels that placed their products as the hero of the story. We constantly strived to bring fresh perspective, new techniques and creative expertise to each seasonal product shoot and stock product, surprising the team with new ways to showcase their products which kept their social media feed and website engaging and exciting


Produced creative, emotive product videos that drove awareness.

We helped integrate the brand’s creativity, design heart and playfulness into more straightforward and corporate digital visual content such as product catalogue videos. We visually translated the product’s USPs in ways that were memorable and told a story, producing a range of videos that were repurposed across their website, digital platforms and social media content. During the pandemic lockdown, when the brand’s live events were cancelled, we helped YKK meet their audience online by delivering high-impact visuals and videos for their digital product catalogue.


What results did we see from our work?

YKK London Showroom saw an organic double-digit percentage increase for followers and engagement on social media within one year of implementing our strategy.


Increase in Story Impressions


Organic Follower Growth


Successful Product Shoots

YKK's in-house marketing team pushed their creative boundaries for new content, pitching experimental ideas and campaigns that MLKD Creative brought to life. Their social media's overall look, feel and voice is elevated and speaks authentically to their key demographic, which has led to a rising increase in engagement from their digital community.

The quality of their social media assets now reflects the legacy of the YKK brand, helping to storytell and visually translate their product USPs in a way that is artistic and functional, just like the brand's products.

What They’re Saying

We love working with you. The main thing is that you're approachable and friendly with the confidence to present new ideas. Your quality of work is outstanding - we always look forward to receiving the shoot results from you! We're more organised and able to plan our Instagram in advance. We feel so proud of how it looks and what we have been able to achieve with your help!

Stef LibertiManager, YKK London Showroom

What content did we produce for YKK?